Final List of abstracts for 8th BSC 2019

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Note: Authors of selected papers are requested to submit their full papers online(if not submitted).

Final List   

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-MS-RI-653 Rahul Kumar Review report awaited
2 BSC19-CS-PI-573 Ravi Ranjan POSTER
3 BSC19-PS-PI-571 Pankaj Kumar POSTER
4 BSC19-PS-RI-557 Ranjan Prasad REJECTED
5 BSC19-AS-PI-598 Mithilesh Kumar ORAL
6 BSC19-NSNT-PI-551 Jagriti POSTER
7 BSC19-PSY-RI-603 Deepak Prakash & Neha Kumari Singh ORAL
8 BSC19-ST24X7E-PI-543 Kushal Singh ORAL
9 BSC19-ST24X7E-PI-608 Santosh Kumar POSTER
10 BSC19-ST-EI-PI-561 Kanhaiya Singh ORAL
11 BSC19-ST-WRM-RI-532 Sanjay Kumar ORAL
12 BSC19-EES-RI-670 Rashmi Kumari & Ravindra Kumar Singh ORAL
13 BSC19-PS-PI-504 Kamal Uddin REJECTED
14 BSC19-PS-PI-518 Ashok Kumar Singh REJECTED
15 BSC19-AS-SI-526 Ruchi & S.N. Singh POSTER
16 BSC19-AS-SI-600 Pramod Shankar ORAL
17 BSC19-BB-PI-579 Richa Rani1 ORAL
18 BSC19-PS-PI-531 Supriya Kumari REJECTED
19 BSC19-PS-PI-555 Archana REJECTED
20 BSC19-AS-PI-613 Aarti Verma & V.N.Singh ORAL
21 BSC19-AS-PI-632 Prakriti Verma ORAL
22 BSC19-AS-PI-685 Sapna Kumari REJECTED
23 BSC19-EES-RI-691 Sumona Sanyal ORAL

Chemical Science Phase 3  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-CS-PI-558 Serwer Equbal Oral
2 BSC19-CS-RI-519 Suresh Kumar Singh Oral
3 BSC19-CS-RI-549 Kajal Kumar Chakrabortti Oral
4 BSC19-CS-RI-582 Pushpa Kumari Oral
5 BSC19-CS-SI-546 Atul kumar Oral
6 BSC19-CS-RI-581 Mukesh Kumar Sharma Oral
7 BSC19-CS-RI-668 Raghaw Kumar Poster
8 BSC19-CS-RI-516 Amit Kumar Poster
9 BSC19-CS-RI-517 Vijay Kumar Poster

Animal Science Phase 2  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-AS-RI-506 Nidhi Verma Oral
2 BSC19-AS-RI-583 Andalib Iqbal Oral
3 BSC19-AS-RI-584 Dina Nath Pandit Oral
4 BSC19-AS-RI-612 Rekha Kumari Oral
5 BSC19-AS-SI-600 Pramod Shankar Oral
6 BSC19-AS-RI-564 Avinash Kumar Poster
7 BSC19-AS-RI-577 Sanjay Kumar Poster
8 BSC19-AS-RI-594 Priti Kumari Poster
9 BSC19-AS-RI-599 Ashish Kumar Poster
10 BSC19-AS-SI-525 Gazala Ruhi Fatma Poster
11 BSC19-AS-SI-526 Ruchi Poster

24x7 Energy (Subtheme)  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-ST24X7E-PI-678 Sweta Sharma Oral
2 BSC19-ST24X7E-SI-683 Nityanand Singh Oral

Chemical Science Phase 2  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-CS-SI-681 Bhawna Oral
2 BSC19-CS-SI-682 Om shankar Ojha Oral
3 BSC19-CS-SI-680 Rukshana Parween Oral
4 BSC19-CS-SI-67 Uttam kumar Mahato Oral

Health Science  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC-HS-PI-570 Priyanka Shankar Oral
2 BSC19-HS-SI-530 Kirti Prakah Oral
3 BSC19-HS-SI-544 Gunjal Priya Oral

Physical Science Phase 2  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-PS-PI-602 P. Bhattacharya Oral
2 BSC19-PS-PI-629 Sangam Kumar Oral
3 BSC19-PS-PI-515 Sangam Kumar Oral
4 BSC19-PS-PI-514 Sangam Kumar Poster

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-BB-RI-511 Richa Rani Oral
2 BSC19-BB-RI-511 Anand Mohan Poster
3 BSC19-BB-SI-636 Muskan Manjari Poster

Earth and Environmental Science  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-EES-PI-624 Narendra Pratap Palit Oral
2 BSC19-EES-PI-647 Kamlesh Kumar Yadav Oral
3 BSC19-EES-PI-625 Narendra Pratap Palit Oral
4 BSC19-EES-PI-660 Supriya Kumari Oral
5 BSC19-EES-PI_615 Poonam Kumara Poster
6 BSC19-EES-PI-610 Md. Osaid Alam Poster
7 BSC19-EES-PI-578 Mrityunjay K. Jha Poster
8 BSC19-EES-PI-663 Ragini Kashyap Poster
9 BSC19-EES-PI-675 Md Aasif Sulaiman Poster

Plant Science  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-PLS-PI-535 Ravi Kumar Singh Oral
2 BSC19-PLS-RI-529 Pushpanjali Oral
3 BSC19-PLS-RI-508 Sarvagya Nand Mishra Oral
4 BSC19-PLS-RI-528 Pushpa Singh Oral
5 BSC19-PLS-RI-522 Sunil Pandit Oral
6 BSC19-PLS-RI-527 Rajesh Kumar Poster
7 BSC19-PLS-RI-534 Shweta Singh Poster

Plant Science Phase -2   

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC-19-PLS-RI-537 Manish Kumar Singh Oral
2 BSC19-PLS-RI-539 Manish Kumar Oral
3 BSC19-PLS-RI-542 Kumari Sona Rani Oral
4 BSC19-PLS-RI-547 Nand Kishor Verma Oral
5 BSC19-PLS-RI-524 Anupam Kumari Oral
6 BSC19-PLS-RI-538 Rajnish Kumar Poster
7 BSC19-PLS-RI-540 Nusrat Ara Poster

Animal Science  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-AS-RI-669 Kumari Rekha Oral
2 BSC19-AS-RI-541 Shweta Pallavi Oral
3 BSC19-AS-RI-673 Md. Taj Shafi Oral
4 BSC19-AS-RI-623 Rina Kumari Oral
5 BSC19-AS-PI-565 Sanjay Kumar Oral
6 BSC19-AS-PI-576 Pryuttma Oral
7 BSC19-AS-RI-649 Arti kumari Poster
8 BSC19-AS-PI-550 Md. Sami Poster
9 BSC19-AS-PI-569 Mandip Kumar Roy Poster
10 BSC19-AS-PI-580 Mridula Renu Sinha Poster
11 BSC19-AS-PI-601 Sunita Kumari Sharma Poster
12 BSC19-AS-PI-651 Raindra Kumar Sharma Poster
13 BSC19-AS-RI-567 Nazia hasan Poster
14 BSC19-AS-RI-630 Surabhi Saloni Poster

Mathematical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-MS-RI-655 Priyadarshini Oral
2 BSC19-MS-RI-548 N. K. Agrawal Oral
3 BSC19-MS-RI-664 Amit Prakash Oral
4 BSC19-MS-RI-512 Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava Oral

Chemical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-CS-PI-644 Brahmanand Thakur Oral
2 BSC19-CS-RI-586 Bipin Kumar Oral
3 BSC19-CS-RI-591 Narendra Kumar Oral
4 BSC19-CS-RI-609 Ghanshyam Kumar Oral
5 BSC19-CS-RI-645 Abhilasha Kumari Tiwary Oral
6 BSC19-CS-RI-659 Satyendra Sharma Oral
7 BSC19-CS-PI-648 Sudhir Kumar Mishra Poster
8 BSC19-CS-RI-507 Shiv Kumar Rai Poster
9 BSC19-CS-RI-654 Praduman Sharma Poster

Physical Sciences  

Sr. Ref Id Presenter Name Remarks
1 BSC19-PS-PI-552 Anar Singh Oral
2 BSC19-PS-SI-568 Saraswati Kumari Oral
3 BSC19-PS-PI-556 Rakhi Poster
4 BSC19-PS-PI-592 Vinay Kumar Poster
5 BSC19-PS-RI-560 Niranjan Kumar Poster


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