Registered Society under Society Act 21,1860 (REGD NO: 128/2007-2008).The combined 9th & 10th Bihar Science conference will be organized in “online mode” under Global Scientific Council of BiharBrains Society between 3rd December to 5th December 2021.

Dear Friends,

    Greetings from B.Brains Development Society!

    After successful completion of 7 th Bihar Science Conference 2018, now we are now gearing up for the 8 th series of the conference between 20th to 22nd Oct 2020. The main objective of this conference is to bring together experts from various field to evaluate the existing information, to interpret the present data, to discuss the suitable measures for clear and useful results and finally to explore if the collective efforts are promising to achieve favorable working environment for research and development in the state.

    This conference is providing opportunity of interaction among young scientist of India and abroad doing researches in different fields of knowledge. The eminent scientist attending this conference would enlighten our participants with new vistas of scientific progress and thought provoking discussion among young scientist would lead to reinvigorating collaborative and inter disciplinary research centers of higher education in Bihar.

    Since the start this series and inception in 2008, this conference has played very significant role in ameliorating scientific research environment in state. Earlier people were not good in even writing papers; now it has improved a lot. Earlier very few people were involved in the research; now many universities professors are involved in the research activities. Research grants have also increased. This conference played very significant role in this. Many young scientist awardees of this conference are from different parts of India and abroad. They are contributing a lot in research activities where ever they are.

    We have 60 members of global scientific council, 6 members in each subject (two from Bihar, two from other states of India and two from other countries of the world.) out of 10 subjects. The scientific council are involved in paper reviewing and guiding local committee in organising the conference and giving advice time to time whenever require to change some policy. Scientific council member also contribute in attending the conference physically without giving any economic burden to this conference and becoming our resource person. They also contribute sometimes in making good researchers team locally to discuss and execute research projects. They help and guide local researchers in every phases of project handling.

    This way the conference are involved in making good scientific team , becoming agent in setting up Govt. Research institution, signing MOU with local researchers with international scientific bodies and promoting youngsters to do research activities in India and the world.

    This is the need of the hour which would lead in building the nation and to the world as a whole. Hope 8 th Series of this conference would be a great success in meeting the said objectives.

Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairnan, B.Brains Development Society

Highlights of 8th BSC 2019
Prof. Girish Kumar Choudhary, Vice Chancellor of Patna University, Patna
Prof. Girish Kumar Choudhary
Vice Chancellor of Patna University, Patna
Prof . Dolly Sinha, Chairperson, Global Scientific Council,B.Brains, Pro Vice chancellor, Patna University, Patna

Prof. Dolly Sinha, Chairperson
8th Bihar Science Conference 2019
Pro Vice Chancellor, L.N.Mithila University, Darbhanga, Former Pro Vice Chancellor, Patna University, Patna
Bibhuti Bikramaditya: Chairman BBrains Development Society, CEO, TekBrains Pvt. Ltd
Bibhuti Bikramaditya
Chairman, BBrains Development Society, Patna, Director, Smartway Electronics Pvt. Ltd
Incubatee@Incubation Centre, IIT Patna

Highlights of 8th BSC 2019
Inauguration by
Sri Phagu Chauhan, Hon'ble Governor of Bihar

Sri Phagu Chauhan,
Hon'ble Governor of Bihar
Inaugural Keynote
Dr.Anil Kakodkar, Padma Vibhushan, Nuclear Scientist

Dr.Anil Kakodkar,
Padma Vibhushan, Nuclear Scientist
Keynote Speaker at Inaugural Session

Keynote Speakers

Important Info.

1. Because of the adverse pandemic situation, the combined 9th & 10th Bihar Science conference will be organized in “online mode” under Global Scientific Council of BiharBrains Society between 3rd December to 5th December 2021.

2. If the situation of Pandemic permits, this conference can also be organized in hybrid mode (Online + offline mode). Those who have issues in presenting paper in online mode, they can come to our office and present their paper.

3. Online abstract submission will be started from 25th June 2021 and the last date of abstract submission will be 15th October 2021.

4. Only selected abstract will be given permission to submit their full papers. The last date of full paper submission is 15th of November 2021.

Abstract Selection Letter, Selected participants are suggested to download Abstract Selection letter.
You may submit this to your concerned university to get participation leave for the conference. Download (MS-Word file) Here or  Download (pdf file) Here

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