Full Paper Submission Guidelines


Authors whose abstracts has been selected, are requested to submit their full papers on or before 25th october 2020 on the website.  As per our guidelines, full length paper of Bihar Science Conference may be published in the journal Manthan , An international Journal of Scientific Research & Innovation, (www.bbmanthan.in), therefore  authors whose abstracts has been selected for the Bihar Science Conference, are advised to upload their papers directly on http://www.bbmanthan.in/registration/

This is to inform you that  the publication of your full papers will be purely based on the remarks of the reviewers which will be published in the restricted access mode of the journal.


Authors Guidelines:   How to submit papers

1.Visit website and click on “Registration” menu http://www.bbmanthan.in/registration/
2.After Registration, you will get email and link to activate your account. (Log in User name and Password) for further communication. http://www.bbmanthan.in/log-in/
3. After log-in , you will get Link to “Submit New Paper”. Fill the form and upload your paper.
I4. n your Dashboard, you will get your submitted paper view and status of the paper will be updated. (Staus means: Selected or rejected or pending or under paper review
For all your future paper submission, you need not to register again, You have to log in yourself.
On Manthan website, you are requested to submit your new research papers
Those who have already submitted full length paper to Bihar Science Conference website need not submit same paper again. All the papers submitted for conference will be published in Manthan for which reviewing process has started.
Please feel free to ask any further help by sending email on bbmanthan@gmail.com . Alternatively you can call on +91-8002359537