Conference Preamble for 7th Bihar Science Conference, 2018


India is a land of spiritual gurus, exponents of natural sciences and ancient centers of learning, with a deep rooted philosophy! Bihar is one of the states in India which was the cynosure and paradise for the intellectuals and blessed with scholars of international fame who spread the knowledge and wisdom throughout the world. Unfortunately, the pace of research and development in Bihar has gone down in modern India despite producing high number of graduates, but the genius of Bihar has remained.

The fact is that the new Bihar after partition in 2000 still remains one of the most resourceful states in India, contributing huge human resources for the rest of the nation in all sectors of blue and white collar jobs. Such a major contribution for generating national wealth via manufacturing and service sector has had to be sustained with the meagerest of support in education and health, for the last 25 years. Higher education infrastructure has been in decline, little research or industrial consultancy is being carried out, within the Universities of Bihar. This lack of research is however not due to the incapacity of academic intellect – far from it! Financial investment in research infrastructure has suffered a major and sustained drought. In contrast with the adverse working condition – the academicians of Bihar have shown great tenacity despite many years of social injustice and have continued to serve in the best possible way. However, a ray of hope has appeared from BiharBrains Scholastic Center, a Gyan Kendra (under BBrains Development Society, a registered society of India). BBrains Development Society, commonly known as BIHARBRAINS is a nonprofit organization registered under society Act with a special focus on education and creating an environment for research and development in Bihar. The society came in to existence in 2004 and has established its office in Patna. It is being run by NRIs, NRBs and educated people of Bihar.

In this direction, BBrains Development Society commonly known as BiharBrains Organizes Bihar Science conference, “an international conference on science & technology” every year in association with Bihar based universities/colleges on the pattern of Indian Science congress. Earlier conferences were organized in different universities of Bihar namely

The main aim of this conference is to bring together experts from various fields to evaluate the existing information, to interpret the presented data, to discuss the suitable measures for clear and useful results and finally to explore if the collective efforts are promising to achieve favorable working environment for research and development in the state.

On this occasion, national and international Scientists, Research Fellows and Eminent Personality from different fields come to present and discuss their work. This three – days conference is attended by huge number of college students and professional from various science and technology fields.

This initiative is first of this kind in Bihar where around 1000 research Scientist, Professors, Students/budding scientists from difference universities of India and abroad are expected to participate & discuss about their outcome of scientific research/idea project.

Subject area

1. Physical Sciences
2. Chemical Sciences
3. Plant sciences
4. Animal Sciences
5. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
6. Mathematical sciences
7. Earth and Environmental Sciences ( Earth Science, Geophysics, Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, Climate Change, Hydrology, Oceanography, Geography, Geology, Remote Sensing and GIS).
8. Health Sciences (Ayurvedic/Homeopathy/Allopath/Unani medicine)
9. Electronics and Electrical technology
10. Computer science and Information Technology.

The subject of the workshop will be announced every year on the basis of availability of the experts on above mentioned topic application areas.

Conference Session: The conference is divided in to following sessions

1. Inaugural Session:Inaugural session will be of maximum tow hours. Inaugural keynote will be given by renowned scientist of India and the world. The Chief Guest of this session can be Head of the state/Governor/Chief minister/DST Minister/MHRD Minister (of central govt./State govt.). The inaugural keynote will be of maximum 45 minutes. No Q&A will be allowed in this session. “Aryabhatta Samman for Scientific Excellence” will be given to the renowned scientist/group by the Chief guest.

2. Plenary session: This is the combined session for all delegates. This session will be addressed by renowned persons/scientist/ Industry experts/Achievers whose scientific contribution gave inspiration to the scientific world. This session will be maximum 45min +15 min Q&A. Each day will start from Plenary session and end with plenary session.

3. Technical Session: The technical session is divided into maximum two sessions of each subject areas. Each session will be having one keynote address. Every keynote address will be of 25 minutes+ 5 min Q&A. Keynote address is followed by oral paper presentation by delegates of selected abstracts. Delegates will be giving oral power point presentation for maximum 10 min + 2 min Q&A. Maximum 10 paper can be presented in one technical session. Each Technical session will be having Jury members-2, Repertoire-1, session chairperson-1. Poster presentation is vital part of the conference. Poster presentation in each subjects will be held after end of the each technical session. Every one present in the oral discussion must be present in the poster presentation. Presenter can paste their poster in the fixed space provided. Poster can be handmade or computer design printout in A3 Size of paper.

4. Panel Discussion: Panel discussion will be held on developmental issues/Socio environmental and Research. Topic of the discussion will be decided in each conference. Panel Discussion can also be held for the conference in combined session in which conference report will be presented and advice will be taken from audience/delegates.

5. Project exhibition: Exhibition of the project will be done by Graduate/ Post graduate/Ph.d students. They will be provided stall or fixed space where they can show demo of their projects. The assessment of the projects will be done by three jury members. Best Five project finalist will be awarded by the conference organizing committee.

6. Special Session on Theme and Sub-themes: Special session will be organized in one combined session to discuss on Themes and sub themes of the conference.

7. Concluding session: The concluding session will be addressed by renowned person of the society; Governor /any govt. minister can be invited to conclude and give parental words to the audience. Five Young scientist award, one Best oral presenter award in each subject category and one best poster award in each subject categories, Best three exhibitors and other awards of appreciation can be given in the session before concluding the session. Major sponsors will also be given chance to address the audience

Awards and Certification: Following awards can be given during the conference.

Aryabhatta Samman for Scientific Excellence: Nomination can be filed online on Science conference portal. Six member Search committee will be formed whose members can be from Global Scientific council-2, Society members-2 and eminent scientist of India and abroad- 2). The search committee will assess and review the achievements of all nominations and then decision will be taken unanimously. This award may or may not be given each year. The committee will have right to decide on this issue.

Young Scientist Award: Two names from each session will be taken from jury members. Best three will be given Young Scientist Award. The young scientist awardee can be given Rs. 20000/- cash and memento.

Best Presenter (Oral/Poster) Award: One best presenter in each subject will be awarded with Rs. 10000/- cash and memento.

Cash amount for the Awards may be increased or decreased each year.

Call for Papers

Papers/Abstracts are invited for oral and poster presentation. Abstract should not have been submitted for presentation to another conference. Abstract must be prepared in MsWord in not more than 300 words and must contain a title, author/s name, affiliation, keywords and complete contact address with email. Abstract should be submitted by “on-line on website" only.

Use of Hindi is allowed in sending abstract and presentation in Bihar Science Conference 2018.

Abstract and Full Paper Submission Guidelines

1. Click on “register yourself” link of the website and fill up the form. After Submission of completed registration Form with registration fee details, Ref id will be generated.
2. Registration can't be complete without paying registration fee. Paid Registration fee details must be clearly mentioned in the form. After verification from Bank account, Ref id will be generated and sent to the participants email id. Therefore,It is advised to pay registration fee first and then register.
3. The Registration amount can be paid online /Cash or Demand Draft to any Conference offices in favour of "Bihar Science Conference , Punjab National Bank Muradpur Patna Branch, A/C:0394005504731548, IFSC Code: PUNB0039400
4. For any further communication, Ref id is required to present before the organizing committee.
5. After Registration, Participant can submit their abstract. Abstract should be on a separate page in MsWord in not more that 300 words containing title, Authors name, address with email and submit your abstract online on and click on call for papers menu or Submit your abstract link.
6. Guideline and format of abstract submission will be provided on website which must be downloaded by the participant. Participant has to submit their abstract strictly on the same format. Disobeying or sending abstract in other format will liable to be rejected.
7. No hardcopy of abstract submission is allowed. Submitted hardcopy will be liable to be rejected.
8. All participants must be registered in advance. No on spot registration is allowed. Registration fee does not include accommodation charges.
9. List of accepted abstract will be updated on the conference website within 10 days of your abstract submission. Participants are advised to view website in regular fashion.
10. After Acceptance of abstract, participant must submit their full paper in “ Full paper Submission” link of the website. Separate guidelines will be provided on the website which should downloaded by the participants. Participants should strictly follow the rules, guidelines and format. Any comments, suggestion or modification made by editorial board members will be directly conveyed to the participants.
11. Selected Full paper will be published in Manthan - An International journal of Scientific Research and innovation publsihed by B.Brains Development Society.
12. After abstract and full paper submission, Selected list of oral presenter must upload their presentation on website 7 days before the conference.

7. Registration Fee

Category Indian Foreigner
Graduate /Post Graduate Student: Rs.1000/- USD 50/-
Research Student (Ph.d/Mphil): Rs.1500/- USD 75/-
Delegates (Scientist/Professor/working staff): Rs.2000/- USD 100/-

(For Society members, 15% concession in registration fee)

The registration fee will include the scientific program, tea/coffee, lunch and proceedings of the conference. The accommodation for international and national delegates will be arranged in hotels, University guest houses and dormitory, which will be within 3 km distance from the conference venue. Tariffs for the accommodation will be soon announced and updated on the website.

Registration fee can be paid by any of the following modes

1. Online Transfer to the Mentioned Bank account.: Generated Receipt by Bank can be scanned and uploaded on the Registration page. Alternatively Receipt no. details can also be written on registration page 
2. Cash Deposit to Bank Account : Receipt no. must be scanned and uploaded into registration page. 
3. Cash Deposit at BiharBrains Office andCollege of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna. : Cash Receipt can be  scanned and uploaded on registration page. Alternatively CASH Receipt no, can also be written on Registration page 
4. Demand Draft Deposit at BiharBrains Office and Dept. of Electronics , Patna: Demand Draft Receipt can be scanned and uploaded o registration page. Alternatively DD  Receipt no, must be written on Registration page

We prefer Online Transfer mode which is easy and fast for approval .