About us

  1. Global Scientific council

    The Global Scientific council was formed during first Bihar Science conference, 2008 (BSC 2008)  for the purpose of organizing science conferences, starting science magazines/journals, seminars, workshops, orientation programs and establishing R&D centers etc.

    Aims and Objectives:

    • To advance and promote the cause of Science in Bihar
    • To hold  Annual Conferences and Scientific festivals at  suitable places in Bihar
    • To hold seminars, workshops, orientation programs as regular feature
    • To publish proceedings, journals for popularizing Science and scientific achievements
    • To provid guidance to BB Society to start and execute the scientific projects and help/support at any stage of the execution of the project.
    • To form research groups and recommend society to help those groups for their research projects from our global networks.
    • To provid guidance, support and consultancy to Govt. and non Govt. agencies

  2. BBrains Scholastic center

    BiharBrains Scholastic Center (BBSC), is a unit of BBrains Development Society, an international society for educated people of Bihar who is living in India and abroad( NRIs).

    This was established in June 2005 in a function at Maitri Shanti Bhawan, B.M Das Road Patna and was inaugurated by Dr. Rajmani Pd Sinha, then VC of Mithila University in the presence of reverend Dr. J.Thakur , a famous Astro-physicist and VC of Patna University and other dignitaries including young students.

  3. BBrains Society

    BBrains Development Society, commonly known as 'BiharBrains', is a non profit organization registered under society Act with special focus on awareness building on education and creating environment for research and development in Bihar. The society came into existence in 2004 and got registered on 16th May 2007 (Regd no: 128/2007-2008). The Society has its office in Patna. It is being run by NRIs, NRBs and educated people of Bihar.

    On this forum, any member can submit his project proposal. Then his proposal go on our online discussion forum(biharbrains@yahoogroups.com) where every member can give his views. After the completion of discussion,that project is implemented in Bihar by " BiharBrains Scholastic center" Patna. Our Mantra is "Give your Ideas and Take a Lead"

Regd no: 128/2007-2008